Tuesday, 30 October 2012

This is taking sooooo much longer than I planned.

I started making this blazer from Burdastyle almost as soon as I'd finished my Abbey coat/ jacket.
I used a similar construction method, rather than making the lining in a contrast as I wanted a jacket for work. After the success of the coat, I'd become rather too confident and decided to go ahead without making a muslin. - what A fool I am!

All started well, I constructed the shell and the lining - all going well, I inserted the sleeves and attached the lining to the shell - still great. then I turned it and thought I'd have a quick try on before finishing the buttonholes. It's good job I did.  It looked awful, way to baggy through the upper back and the bust was ill shaped too, there was little definition of the waist and it looked like a sack. thankfully the fabric wasn't expensive!

I ummed and ahhhed for a bit about weather to write it off as a bad job or do something about it. As I only have one jacket for work i decided to sort it out. I measured my work jacket across the back, it was a good 2 inches narrower. So stitch ripper to the ready. I turned the jacket, determined to make the alterations without having to do a complete remake, and took the back seams in. 1/2 inch of each at the upper back increasing to 3/4 inch at the waist.

I kept the centre front pieces as they were, but reduced the fullness in the side front pieces by about 1/2 inch in each side. After checking the fit I pressed the seams open. Just need to make the same alterations to the lining now.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Abbey coat - finished

So it's taken me all week, but I've finished the small details like sewing on buttons. I even got to wear my coat this morning.

The temperature has plummeted here in the last couple of days and last night brought, sleet, snow, hail and thunder. This coat is very light - more like a jacket, which is what I wanted. but not the best for being out in the cold weather.
If I were making a thick coat I'd make the next size up to allow room for thicker layers under it. but I wanted something stylish to wear with dresses or  jeans but even be smart enough to wear for work. I think this works for that, and the pattern was easy to follow. no muslin was made and it fit great without any adjustments to the bodice.
I did alter the sleeves, but that was from a style point of view rather than fit.

Thanks to Handmade Jane for the pattern.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Abbey Coat WIP

Almost there
Well I finally got started on the Abbey coat this week. I cut out the fabric and fused the interfacing over a couple of nights and did the buttonholes on Friday evening. It's the first time I've actually used bound buttonholes and I was surprised how easy they were. I used a patch method and cut the patch on the bias. I also used a patch on the facing, but without the welt strips.

Adding buttonholes
My Red gaberdine looks great and the floral cotton lining is a nice alternative to the usual lining fabric. The gaberdine creases a little more easily than I'd like, but hey, you live and learn!

Pressing Lining/ facing seam
The pattern instructions were really easy to follow and I know I will use the construction method I learnt to make other jackets (next project = suit for work). I did alter the pattern slightly, I didn't want a 3/4 sleeve with a placket, it was not the style I was after, so I lengthened the sleeves and tapered them to a suitable wrist diameter.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday and this afternoon working on this and It's almost finished. I just need to catch the reverse of the buttonholes together and add buttons. and it needs a good press.

Back facing and lining

Top Stitching - collar

It needs a good press!

On the pressing note - I needed an new ironing board as mine was rather unstable and prone to falling apart, not to mention that fact that it wasn't high enough. Got a new one from IKEA which is a good height and only cost £9. Bargain!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Abbey Coat here we come


I've been looking forward to making this Jamie Christina coat since I won the pattern in Jane's giveaway a while back. You can see her awesome version of this coat over on her blog. This was the first time I'd won anything on a giveaway and I'm so excited to try it out.

I've decided to go straight for it - no muslin! I did measure the pattern pieces carefully and I've cut an 8. I think this will give me enough ease as I want to wear this as a jacket rather than a heavy coat.
I've chosen a red gaberdine with a red floral cotton lining. And I'll be making View B - which doesn't have the flounce.

I've cut it out and am ready to start on the bound button holes. Photo's at the weekend - when I've dug the camera out - I'm resisting using my phone as I know the pics will be poor.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Art work in progress

I've done a little work on this. It will form the background of a painting. I'll subdue this image under layers of paint and ink.
It's drawn in biro on smooth board.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Arty textiles

We went to South Shields today. In the museum and gallery they had these fab textile versions of famous paintings. What do you think?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Snuggle Onesie

A few years ago we bought my daughter a Onesie, affectionately known as her sleepy suit. she had worn this most nights for bed and loved it. However, as time goes by, children grow and items of well worn clothing get too small, battered and smelly.

I promised to make her a new one and got some spotty fleece from Abakhan Fabrics (from my runners up prize from the dress factor competition). As she had just gotten taller. I decided that all I needed to do was lengthen the pattern.

I took the original apart carefully, traced the pattern pieces and added extra length by slashing the pattern at mid sleeve, mid torso and mid leg. resulting in a pattern about 15cm longer than the original, enough to give her some growing room, but not too big.

It was quick to sew up, using my overlocker for most seams, taking about two hours to sew from start to finish. I only needed to buy a new zip so it was a cheap make too.

As soon as it was finished, she put it on and that was that!


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