Saturday, 12 January 2013

Vintage Simplicity 9970

Or is it?

I was given this pattern by my mother-in-law. She'd found a bunch of patterns going cheap and bought them for me. Out of the lot This was the one that had most appeal. It's a simple shift dress with three different neckline and sleeve choices. However I can't seem to find reference to this pattern anywhere! Do a search and not one image comes up for this one, well I suppose it is a 1972 pattern and I can well imagine most people wanting to get rid of anything from 1972. However, it's a gem, a lovely pattern. It's single size 14 - I am not a 14, but with a little bit of alteration...

I decided that I'd have a go at making a dress based on this pattern with some fabric that I got from a charity shop for £2. However I wanted to change the neckline somewhat.

I saw this dress, worn by Nigella in her last series and really liked the collar detail. So I decided to draft a new neckline and collar and add contrast cuffs as well. The dress is longer than it appears on the pattern envelope and even after shortening it's still a bit longer. I've also kept the more A line skirt shape as I know it suits me and it's easier for work.
I measured the pattern pieces and made alterations to the sizing, the hips were fine as i'm a pear shape, but I removed 1cm off each side seam (4cm) total, and increased the waist dart widths by 1cm each side, tapering to the original dart at the hip and in a bit at the bust. the bust dart was OK.
I traced the pattern pieces and made a new neckline and with the help of my pattern book. I drafted the collar.

It's taken me quite a while to make the dress, mainly because I decided part way through making that I needed a lining, and the time it took to make the alterations to the pattern. I didn't really follow the pattern instructions as I've made a few dresses now. I am quite proud of the collar, it rolls nicely and sits well. I think I will catch it to the dress at the back as it gets caught up when i put my jacket on.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Well 2013 is going to be a busy year and one of the most exciting things I have to look forward to is a trip to China. I'm not going for a holiday, but on a short term team with International China Concern in August this year. This organisation work in three cities in China to bring love, hope and opportunity to Abandoned and disabled Children. I am looking forward to seeing and working with the Children I have grown to love since my visit visit in 2007. Here's a little glimpse of Christmas celebrations in Hengyang (one of ICC's projects) and some of the children we'll be working with.

As both Myself and My Daughter will be heading off to China, we are starting to fund raise already. I decided to sell some of my art work. This is work that has recently been on display in the Maritime Centre in Newbiggin by the Sea. I'm selling at prices that are 25% cheaper than the normal retail value of my work. I also have 4 very large 4 by 6ft painting and would love them to go to a good home. If you are interested in these I will consider any reasonable offer. All monies will go towards the funding of my trip to China with ICC.

If you are interested in any of the work please email me
All works on paper/ board are mounted with White Mount board and covered with a protective cellophane film.
CC01 Butterfly, 11x 16 cm, ink on board £15

CC04 Butterfly Abstract 1, 21 x 29cm, Monotype and acrylic on paper £20

CC05 Butterfly Abstract 2, 21x29cm, monotype and acrylic on paper £20

CC03 Butterfly 3, 18x18cm, Graphite and paint on board, £20

CC11 leaf, 10x15cm, lino print on paper £12

CC12 The Road 10x15cm, Lino print on paper £12

CC13 The Hill, 10x15cm, Lino print on paper £12

CC14 Landscape 1, 7.5x16.5cm, Acrylic and Ink on board £15

CC15 Lndscape 2, 7x10.5cm, Acrylic and Ink on Board £10

CC10 Butterfly Abstract 7, monotype, graphite and paint on board £25

CC17 Passion Abstract1, 10x10cm, Acrylic on paper £10

CC16 Landscape 3, 8x14cm, Acrylic and ink on board £12

CC18 Passion Abstract 2, 10x10cm Acrylic on paper £10

CC19 Passion Abstract 3, 10x10cm Acrylic on paper £10

CC21 Passion Abstract 5,8x14cm Acrylic on paper £10

CC20 Passion Abstract 4, 10x10cm Acrylic on Paper £10

CC23 Passion Abstract 7, 10x10cm, acrylic on paper £8

CC24 Passion Abstract 8, 10x10cm, Acrylic on paper £8

CC22 Passion Abstract 6, 10x12cm Acrylic on Paper £8

CC25 Passion Abstract 9, 10x10cm, Acrylic on paper £10

CC26 Passion 10, 8x14cm Acrylic on paper £12
CC27 Passion Abstract 11, 5x8cm Acrylic on paper £7

CC28 Passion Abstract 13, 8x14cm, Acrylic on paper £12
CC29 Egress 120x180cm Acrylic on Canvas £Make me an offer!

CC30 Greater and Lesser 120x180cm Acrylic on Canvas £Make me an offer!

CC31 Temporal 120x180cm Acrylic on Canvas £Make me an offer!

CC32 Untitled 120x180cm Acrylic on Canvas £Make me an offer!

CC33 Summer hills 2, 50x50cm, Acrylic on Canvas £SOLD

Buyer will need to pay postage and packing. I will ship internationally, please ask for a quote.
UK only: Works on paper and board up to £5 postage and packing.
Large Canvas works (6 by 4 ft) between £20-40 dependent on address, feel free to collect.


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