About Me

I am an artist, designer and teacher. I have taught art for many years to adults, children and young people of all ages, both in community arts workshops and formal education. I also put my creative skills to good use to help children and young people who are cared for by International China Concern, during summer camps in China.

I have always been inspired by art and craft. Coming from a family of artists, I have drawn and painted since being very young. Creative pursuits have been my passion as long as I can remember; a passion I now share with my husband, John ( well he tolerates it anyway). As well as designing and making clothes; painting and creating art, I enjoy all other craft forms and dabble in ceramics, textiles and sculpture. I can still remember the first item of clothing I made when I was a teenager; it was a skirt - I made up the pattern myself and hand stitched it. In my mind it was amazing - in reality it was probably a mess! but it was the start of my love of textiles.

I create wearable dresses with elegance and style and have made bespoke dresses for brides and bridesmaids. I'm looking to bring both my art and fashion loves together to create clothes using fabric inspired by my art work.

My art work is innovative and thought provoking. I draw inspiration from a range of sources and produce work in a range of media, favouring acrylic paints, monotype and lino printing. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to create work and often mix techniques and media.

I have exhibited my art work locally and would love to share it with a wider audience.


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